Wildcaster App Reviews

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Beardown Arizona

Love this app!

Great new approach

Thus new app provides a great overview of all the activity in the UA Athletic Department. A great place for a Wildcat junkie to spend some time!

Used to be a good app, now it doesn't update unless you buy a subscription.

This was my go to app for AZ Wildcat news since I live out of state. Now it won't update unless I have a subscription?!

No free content

About 3 weeks ago they stopped loading any free content. Completely useless now if you don't subscribe to the Arizona Daily Star and have an account set up.

Not great

They really neglect to update and add content to this app. You can go days without any new content, even when there are new stories on the parent (Tucson.com) app and site.

Don't click on links

If you click on a link in a story it attempts, and fails, to open the web page. It is then locked up and the only solution is to restart your iPhone.

Poorly designed app

Have to restart the iPhone to reset the app after you click an external link. Also, sometimes the screen will show double and you can't get rid of the background unless you reboot. Very frustrating indeed!

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